Guangzhou expats fall for Canton Porcelain 画广彩,迎新年
Chinese New Year is around the corner, and a group of expats joined this Canton Porcelain workshop held by Guangdong Today.
What's special food for Spring Festival in Guangdong?
Guangdong has long been regarded as a renowned paradise of diverse and wonderful foods. So what manner of special food might there be for the biggest event of the year, Spring Festival?
Spring Festival shopping in Guangdong
As Spring Festival draws near, it’s time for people to do their annual shop for lunar New Year decorations and other bits and bobs.
An indepth exploration of Hakka
The Hakkas create and develop delicious Hakka cuisine which is famous all around the world, so the Hakka cuisine is also called one of the “three major branches of Guangdong cuisine”.
A fortunate cuisine: Lettuce porridge
Cantonese people will make lettuce porridge in Spring Festival as it implies luck and fortune.
Spring Festival in Guangzhou: a feast for both palate and eyes
Guangzhou has extensive and profound culture which of course includes many wonderful cates. Now, foodies, let’s open the gate of the food paradise!
Dog Year collector’s stamps go on sale in Guangzhou
China Post started selling the Year of the Dog collector’s stamps this Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 in preparation for Chinese New Year.
Make something beautiful this Chinese New Year
Spring Festival (CNY) is on the way. We are giving you a chance to get involved in a real one off cultural experience.
When high-tech meets Zen Buddhism culture
If you want to experience Chinese Zen Buddhism culture, Guangdong’s western city Yunfu is a must-go.
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
Must-visit places in CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala city-- Zhuhai
Zhuhai, one of the cities to stage 2018 China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala for the year of Dog
Guide to 2018 Spring Festival celebrations in Guangzhou
From Feb. 13th (28th of the 12th lunar month) to Mar. 2nd (15th of the 1st lunar month), a whole host of Spring Festival celebrations will be going on around the city
Full guide of 2018 Guangzhou Flower Market
The annual Guangzhou flower markets will be held from Feb. 13th to 16th in 11 districts of Guangzhou.
World-class light concert show to illuminate Guangzhou
Starting from tonight (Feb. 12), the 2018 Guangzhou Light Concert Show will kick off at Haixinsha Asian Olympic Games Park, staging a breathtaking world-class light concert show.
New tourist attraction to open in Guangzhou
A new tourist attraction that claims to bring visitors good luck will open in Guangzhou’s Conghua district starting next Friday, the first day of the Lunar New Year.
2018 Guangzhou Yuexiu Lantern Show to run until March
Three things on your to-do list for spending the Spring Festival in Guangzhou: visiting a flower market, viewing a lantern show, and having a reunion dinner.
Largest tulip exhibition to be held in Guangzhou
150 species of 450,000 valuable and rare tulips will be introduced into Guangzhou and shown at the Seed and Breeding Industry Town in Nansha District from Feb. 8 to Mar. 3, 2018.
These three theme trolleybus lines take you explore old Guangzhou
The five thematic buses are featured in traditional hand paintings of Guangzhou's distinctive scenic spots such as the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhenhai Tower and Five Ram Statue on its exterior.
It's winter, where can I go see some beautiful flowers?
it is high time the gorgeous flower-filled Guangdong hit the Internet and made our northern friends jealous of us instead.
Popular restaurants from two of Guangzhou's food streets: 'Time honoured' household names
To find real local food, you often have to explore the hidden or less well known backstreets of a city. Longjin Xi Road and Pantang Road, are two such streets in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou, a city full of the beauty of spring

Popular restaurants from two of Guangzhou's food streets

2018 Guangzhou Floating Flower Market kicked off at Litchi Bay