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7088棋牌游戏: Fortune Brainstorm TECH International Kicks off in Guangzhou

2017-December-6       Source: Newsgd.com

This conference of Fortune Brainstorm TECH International has gathered over 200 entrepreneurs, investors and experts from all over the world for 13 sessions of speeches, dialogues and interviews by leading figures of the tech industry.

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Fortune?Brainstorm TECH International?conference?kicked?off in the morning of December 5, 2017 in Guangzhou, China.

This conference of Fortune?Brainstorm TECH International has gathered over 200 entrepreneurs, investors and experts from all over the world for 13 sessions of speeches, dialogues and interviews by?leading figures?of the tech industry, the topics of which cover?e-commerce, health care, fin-tech, entertainment?consumption, mobility or green-tech, investment, financing, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and innovation.?

It is learned that Fortune?magazine and the city of Guangzhou has jointly set up the Fortune?Innovation Awards in recognition of outstanding Chinese start-up SMEs in the field of science and technology innovation.?Since the launch?of the selection session?in May?this year, more than 100 companies?have signed up. During this conference,?15 corporate finalists in?five categories, namely, healthcare tech, e-commerce or fin-tech, artificial intelligence or robotics, mobility or green tech, and entertainment/media/education, will compete?for this year’s?Fortune?Innovation Awards. Five?winners will be finally selected after on-site presentations, comments by the panel of judges and audience voting. Finally, one of them will be selected as the “Fortune China Innovator of the Year”.?The five winning companies will be invited to receive the awards?on the main stage at the Fortune?Global Forum 2017 on December 7.?

Addressing?the opening ceremony of Fortune?Brainstorm TECH International?2017 this?morning,?Huang Ningsheng, vice governor of the People's Government?of Guangdong Province, stated?that the convening of this Conference is injecting?new vitality into?Guangdong’s innovative?development and that?Guangdong Province will take this as an opportunity to further integrate itself into the international network of?technology innovation, vigorously attract?high-end entrepreneurial?talents, institutions of innovation, R & D centers of multinational corporations and international organizations of science and technology, and continuously enhance?the quality and efficiency?of economic development.

Also addressing the opening ceremony, Wen Guohui, mayor of Guangzhou,?said that the permanent settlement of?Fortune Brainstorm TECH International?in Guangzhou?provides a high-end platform of exchanges?and cooperation in?technology innovation not only for?Guangzhou, China but also?the world?at large. He said that?Guangzhou will seize the opportunity to provide maximum convenience, create a relaxed environment, expand exchanges and cooperation with Fortune Global?500 companies?and other top?enterprises at home and abroad, optimize resource integration in this?fertile land of innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou, and promote mutually beneficial?development.

Following Wen at the ceremony, Zhang Zhihong, Director General of Torch High Technology Industry Development Center (TORCH)?under the Ministry of Science and Technology,?said that,?with the continuously optimized environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, he believes that great entrepreneurs and great enterprises will grow out of many SMEs?and in more fields of innovation so as to contribute?to the Chinese and the world economy.

There have already been 15 sessions?since Fortune?magazine started?its first Fortune Brainstorm?TECH?in 2001 in Colorado, USA. To coincide?with the Fortune?Global Forum 2017 in Guangzhou and after?consultations between?Guangzhou municipal government and Fortune magazine, the Fortune?Brainstorm TECH International?conference?is to be?held?in Guangzhou from December 5 to December 6 and will since be permanently settle?here.?

Editor: Jasmine

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